Plex offers a variety of industry events for you to learn valuable information on how to do business better in the Cloud.

Analyst Webinar - Benchmarking your Quality Maturity: Turning a Cost Center into a Profit Center
November 13 - 13 Webinar
Do you want to shift quality management as a cost center to profit center? We invite you to attend a webinar to learn how to build a business case for a quality solution and gain insight into the benefits of adopting applications that focus on quality and compliance.
Mexico’s Auto Industry Conference
December 2 - 3 Industry Event, Automotive
See the Plex Manufacturing Cloud in Booth 46, at Mexico’s Auto Industry Conference. Join industry executives and thought leaders as they analyze the business conditions of Mexico’s auto and auto parts industries. Discover business dynamics and demand forecast of main OEM’s and auto parts manufacturers while gaining insights on the most current industry trends.