Plex Impact Awards

Nominations Now Accepted: 2015 Plex Impact Awards

Is your organization using The Plex Manufacturing Cloud to transform your business or drive innovation within or beyond your industry? Or, has Plex helped you emerge as an industry leader?

If so, we want to hear from you!

Launched in 2014, the Plex Impact Awards showcase the passion, innovation and success of our customers.  We will once again recognize customers in three categories:

  • Transformer: A company that has used Plex to transform their business operations. This could be as simple as redefining a process, or rolling out operations to better connect with customers and suppliers.
  • Innovator: A company that has used Plex to drive innovation within or beyond their industry. This includes innovation in process methodologies and introduction of new products, industries or expansion into new markets.
  • Industry Leader: A company that has leveraged Plex to in order scale and grow from a size or product perspective in order to emerge as a leader in their industry.

Recipients of the 2015 Plex Impact Awards will be recognized at this year’s PowerPlex user conference in Nashville, TN!

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