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The Cloud: Transforming Global Manufacturing
Cloud technology changes the dynamic of the industry. The fast growing, mid-sized manufacturers that previously couldn’t compete with larger, global companies now can access shop floor data to help them respond quickly to customer demands, improve product quality, reduce downtime and expand to global markets. In short, technology is fueling a new generation of manufacturing leaders.
Why Aren’t There More Women in Manufacturing?
The manufacturing industry has undergone tremendous transformation. Smart machines line the plant floor, products are customized in near real time, and mobile devices are used to provide insight into operations 24x7x365.
The Appeal of SaaS ERP
Mint Jutras has been studying perceptions and preferences for deployment options for ERP since 2011. Many use the terms “cloud” and “SaaS” interchangeably, but there are some important differences. All SaaS is cloud computing, but not all cloud computing is SaaS. For years now Mint Jutras has included a question about the appeal of SaaS in its ERP Solution Studies. The question is simple: What do you find appealing about SaaS?
Plex Benchmarks: Driving Insights through Community, Cloud
While the Plex Manufacturing Cloud captures critical data about each process and operation, Plex Benchmarks will draw upon this trove of data to aggregate and anonymize key metrics, such as inventory write-offs and inventory on-hand, so manufacturers can compare their performance and uncover best practices.
Internet of Things Brings Increased Manufacturing Intelligence
The Internet of Things (IoT) increases manufacturing intelligence and now gives manufacturers’ unprecedented access to data on suppliers, raw materials and machine performance – from the very first step of the manufacturing process to the end customer experience.
Google Glass and Ring Scanners Find Practical Uses in MOM
Why wearables? We’re at an unprecedented time in technology evolution, where things like battery capacity, processor performance, display quality, cloud computing, wireless communication and sensor precision are all coming together to enable whole new classes of smart, connected devices.
Make Things: Caltherm Finds Success in the Cloud
You can make the best products in the world, but accurate and on-time delivery can be just as important to customer satisfaction.
Wearables and Webcams on the Shop Floor
For the first-ever Plex State of Manufacturing Technology study, we surveyed more than 130 leading manufacturers to better understand how they use technology in their manufacturing operations today and their plans for emerging technologies in the years ahead.
Make Things: Could Detroit be the Next Silicon Valley?
As the modern shop floor becomes filled with connected machines, tools and people, it might make you think: Will the Motor City become the next hub for technology?
What’s Next: Manufacturing's Resurgence
Last week I had the opportunity to attend Forbes’ second annual Reinventing America Summit. The innovation, ingenuity and enthusiasm on display reinforced my conviction in the resurgence of American manufacturing and our ability to compete globally.