Cloud ERP: To Be Truly Useful, It Has to Be True SaaS

Manufacturing Insights Blog

By Tom DeCoe, Vice President of Infrastructure at Plex Systems

Software solution provider Epicor Software Corporation announced today that it will now be offering its Cloud ERP solution to larger organizations, beyond the smaller manufacturers and distributors originally served by the semi-hosted solution Epicor Express.

It’s a smart move – as countless independent research firms and analysts have confirmed, Cloud ERP has proved itself beyond “new kid on the block” status to be a useful and viable competitive advantage. Plex Systems has offered a multi-tenant SaaS model for more than 10 years. This isn’t a new venture for us; it’s our bread and butter – and we are glad to see others in the game as well. As the success of our customers over the last decade demonstrates, multi-tenant software as a service (SaaS) system is truly the right delivery model for today’s manufacturing environment.

Yes, there may be still some customers who would still prefer an on-site system because they mistakenly assume that in-house equals better security.

But the benefits of a true multi-tenant SaaS model are clear: Updates are instant, so you always have the latest and greatest version of your ERP solution to meet the ever-increasing demands of your business in an ever-narrowing window of time – with a system customized exactly to your needs. There’s no more worrying if your ERP system is out of date, or if you need to put your people and processes through a lengthy software upgrade; with a true SaaS ERP system like Plex, with one mouse click, you can choose to implement any of the ongoing systems enhancements based on whether they apply to your business.

Pain-free, immediate updates – and the choice to implement them – aren’t the only benefits of Plex; our customers also have the option of integrating the solution in as few or as many areas of their business as they would like. Want to only track your supply chain operations? No problem. Want to add in accounting or HR capabilities to track cost increases and how much time was spent by employees at each stage of the manufacturing process? You can do that, too – Plex gives you the option of drilling down on just one piece of your business, or integrating throughout to get a holistic view of your entire operations, even between facilities. It’s a fully customizable system; always has been, always will be.

By continually listening to our customers and upgrading our system capabilities to meet their needs, we have our fingers on the pulse of manufacturing and what companies need to stay competitive and successful. And when it comes to competitive advantages, there’s no time to waste.