Effective Supply Chain Management in Action

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When you have plants across 18 countries that employ more than 8,000 people, efficiency is the name of the game – and Inteva Products, LLC, knew that it was time to address the growing complexity of managing its supplier base.

This growing corporation previously relied on several different solutions outside of their ERP system or came up with homegrown solutions – ones that might have worked well for one plant but were completely different from what another plant might have been doing. A time-consuming manual processing system with stand-alone databases drove Inteva’s processes, and the company tracked issues with plants and suppliers through email.

But following their implementation of Plex Online, Inteva’s plants now know when each part comes in and exactly where it is, and can answer inventory questions in seconds. All portal users can see the documentation related to part and process nonconformances with just one click of an automated problem case log and quickly view in real time any issues by plant, by supplier, repeat non-conformances, and summary data. And now, since suppliers have access to the SQM system through an Internet browser, Inteva can more easily and effectively share data with suppliers using a single solution.

Inteva is just one example of the many manufacturers who have found ways to create a more effective supply chain through implementation of Plex Online. Complex systems deserve simplified supply-chain communications to drive efficiency – and our whitepaper, “The Effective Supply Chain: Maximizing Performance of the Entire Manufacturing Enterprise,” shows how a Cloud ERP system did this for Inteva and others.