ERP Weekly News Highlights, 10/7/13-10/11/13

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Unemployment in the U.S. has been the topic of much discussion. That’s why we love stories about companies looking to hire!

This week, see how U.S. manufacturing is not only helping people get back in the workforce, but also providing them with valuable career training so they stay – and succeed.

Manufacturing needs more skilled workers every day; these articles show that taking the time to invest in the people will continue to power our economy.

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A Wave of Sewing Jobs as Orders Pile Up at U.S. Factories

Having more work than employees has become a real concern for many manufacturers. Read how Minnesota’s textile companies are recruiting to keep up with the ever-increasing demands.

‘Mini-Renaissance’ in Manufacturing Helps Fuel Demand for Skilled Workers

The demand for highly-skilled CNC machinists is on the rise. Follow Mike Cox on his journey to learn how the Massachusetts Manufacturing Extension Partnership is helping people accelerate their careers.

Supply Chain Strategies and the Future of American Manufacturing

Bill Michels, president of ADR North America LLC, discusses the future of manufacturing for America and the shrinking cost advantage that China holds over the U.S.

Aside from building a skilled workforce, what other priorities do you think are most important for the future of manufacturing?