ERP Weekly News Highlights, 4/29/13-5/3/13

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Manufacturing is growing, technology is flourishing and education is preparing today's youth to thrive in the working world. America is taking back the wheel and driving the world in the direction of progress.

Read on for some great examples of how American manufacturing is rising back to the top.

Four Trends Driving the Resurgence in American-Based Manufacturing

To say that much has changed in manufacturing over the last ten years is an understatement. The once sure-fire strategies for success are losing their relevance. Check out the four emerging trends that are pushing the re-examination of last decade’s economic analysis, and the reshoring of American manufacturing.

Additive Manufacturing Technologies Reach Industrial Scale

If you're interested in cutting costs as well as lead times (and who isn't?), additive manufacturing technology may have much to offer your business. The IMT Machining Journal explores four additive manufacturing techniques that are currently in use for industrial-scale rapid prototyping and production.

Innovative Programs Provide Career and Technical Education in High Schools

If we want innovation to occur in the workplace, it must first find its way back into our educational system. This Industry Week article discusses how schools across the country are developing a new model for career and tech education that will challenge youth and better prepare them for the working world.