ERP Weekly News Highlights, 5/13/13-5/17/13

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Take a look at your smartphone. What if this technology was never adopted by society?

In the palm of your hand, you hold the power to access a wealth of knowledge that has changed the way we live - but we the users determined that smartphones were the next big thing by stepping up and adopting them.

Now it's time for manufacturers to step up and realize the power of the new technologies in their industry. These tools are being built with the singular goal of helping manufacturers do what they do, wherever and whenever they need to - but you, the users, must first break out of "the norm" and realize the power at your fingertips.

Whether it is new processes like 3D printing or harnessing the power of the manufacturing cloud, one thing is certain: Users will determine the success or failure of manufacturing technology tools.

Asia Govts Working Hard to Rid Cloud Security Stigma

What's keeping the largest number of people from moving to the cloud? Security concerns - which is why officials in Asia are stressing education and understanding of cloud technology to help drive small and midsize companies over the security hurdle and increase adoption rates.

How 3-D Printing Could Disrupt the Economy of the Future

3-D printing is here to stay, says Bloomberg News. Some of the biggest advantages touted: creating more efficient processes and reducing waste materials. Even though this new technology is not yet viable for mass-produced consumer products, the author sees 3-D printers added to complement old equipment in specialized processes. How do you think 3-D printing will affect manufacturing?

Why Design-Focused Firms Might Use PLM as a Quality Platform [DATA]

LNS Research has found that the earlier you build quality into your processes and the products you engineer, the better. Don't let your quality standards take a backseat to design; enterprise quality management software (EQMS) can streamline, standardize and centralize your quality data.

Is ERP Dead? What to Look Out for in 2013

According to Site Pro News, 2013 is poised to be a deciding year for many in the realm of ERP. Will the companies on this list break out and show the world that ERP is "a forced to be reckoned with"? (P.S. We love the Rodney Dangerfield comparison...we get no respect – yet – but that is about to change!)