ERP Weekly News Highlights, 5/6/13-5/10/13

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Reasons to avoid cloud ERP and SaaS are starting to disappear.

Cloud service providers are working diligently to prove that their solutions are not cost-saving last resorts, but rather data powerhouses. They are proving that cloud computing is not the future of ERP - it's the present.

Cloud computing is not only secure and fiscally smart; it is driving success in adopters, as last week's news demonstrates.

Growth of Cloud Computing and ERP Continues to Accelerate

Companies are quickly realizing the benefits of cloud computing. With new surveys released that show the links between cloud ERP and success, this Technorati article shows that the technology can no longer be ignored - will you let it leave you in the dust, or will you ride the cloud into a new era of success?

Is Cloud-based ERP Inevitable?

As some of the largest companies in the world move to the cloud to save money as well as increase productivity and sales, Enterprise Apps Today asks: Is cloud ERP starting to reach maturity?

Cloud Security: A Real Concern or Just an Excuse?

Security concerns are consistently cited as a top reason for cloud adoption hesitation, but why? Steve Pate, CTO and co-founder of HighCloud Security, lists his reasons for cloud doubt and makes his predictions for the status of the technology's future in the next two years.