ERP Weekly News Highlights, 6/10/13-6/14/13

Manufacturing Insights Blog

This was a week focusing on the future of manufacturing technology - from exciting new techniques to transform your business efforts, to the technology that helps it all run more smoothly and efficiently.

Take a look at what caught our attention this week; what's been on your radar for industry innovations?

Cloud Manufacturing Heats Up!

What is making the cloud such a great avenue for business, and what does the current competition look like? ChainLink Research gives you a rundown of some of the top cloud ERP providers to consider.

Why Automotive Should Bet on Global Traceability and Containment

In this infographic, LNS Research looks at how automotive and other discrete manufacturers can sustain a market-leading customer experience while reducing the risk of a major product quality or safety issue.

What's Hot in Manufacturing Technology

Additive manufacturing or 3-D printing, cold forming, smarter trackers and sensors and more - this Wall Street Journal Report takes a look at the latest and greatest innovations and news in manufacturing.