ERP Weekly News Highlights, 6/3/13-6/7/13

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We’re building on the excitement of PowerPlex, our 12th-annual user conference held last week in Columbus.

From hands-on workshops and training sessions to networking in between, there were tons of new products, ideas and information shared as the more than 750 attendees connected and collaborated on how to better use the Plex Manufacturing Cloud.

But while PowerPlex was a big deal, it wasn’t the only news in manufacturing this week. Check out some of the other big stories that caught our attention.

Innovation: Collaborating with the Competition

How do we discover new technologies and processes? Through collaboration, says one manufacturing industry professional – even if it means working with competitors. Do you agree with his reasoning?

What’s Different About Plex Systems?

Cindy Jutras of the Mint Jutras research firm reflects on a few of the major announcements of PowerPlex, along with some of Plex’s major differentiators – namely, frequent updates and a culture of customer-focused innovation that make Plex stand out from others on the ERP scene.

Google Says: Save Energy, Ditch Your Data Center

The disparity in how on-site versus cloud-hosted servers and data centers utilize available computing cycles – and the resulting efficiency gains – will push many businesses to move more business processes and operations to third-party cloud providers, says one Google official. (We agree that the cloud is a much more environmentally-friendly business decision.)