ERP Weekly News Highlights, 7/15/13-7/19/13

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This week, we're taking you on a little time travel adventure.

From the middle ages to the future of manufacturing and cloud adoption, read on to see why manufacturing has endured through the years – and with continued innovation and inspiration, will thrive well into the decades ahead.

Landmarks in Time: Leadership & Management from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance

Manufacturing has a much longer history than you may think - take a look at Industry Week's entertaining slideshow of some of its original managers.

Companies Plan to Invest More in SaaS

What's driving the rapid adoption in SaaS investment? Gartner reports that 77 percent of companies participating in a recent survey planned to increase their spending on SaaS – read on to learn why.

Focus on the Workforce: Chicago Chapter Sets Example

Like many businesses, manufacturing is working hard to inspire the next generation – find out how SME’s Chicago chapter is building creative relationships with local schools and businesses.