ERP Weekly News Highlights, 7/22/13-7/26/13

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The manufacturing industry is often in flux, and tomorrow never looks like yesterday.

Whether it’s the list of the current best and brightest companies or the beginnings of a manufacturing revival in the “Tech Belt,” the face of manufacturing is constantly changing – which is why it helps to stay connected through the latest news, as well as the recommendations of industry analysts (like Frank Scavo in the article below).

What are some of the subtle shifts you’ve recently noticed in the manufacturing landscape?

July 2013: The Lists

And now, for something a little different: Instead of reading this industry story, you can listen to it. IndustryWeek editors Ginger Christ, Pete Fehrenbach and Travis Hessman discuss the largest and best U.S. manufacturers (as identified by the magazine) in this new podcast series.

Q&A: Restoring The ‘Tech Belt’ With Next-Generation Manufacturing

The manufacturing-focused area between Cleveland and Pittsburgh is now being called the “Tech Belt.” editor Joel Hans sat down with U.S. Representative Tim Ryan of Ohio’s 13th District and discussed the region’s successful bid to house the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute (NAMII).

Don’t Shoot the IT Guy: ERP Selection and Project Management Implementation in High-Tech Manufacturing

ERP vendor selection is not something to take lightly, and choosing a cloud computing solution is a hot topic in the manufacturing industry. Venture Outsource founder Mark Zetter has an in-depth conversation with ERP industry analyst Frank Scavo on the benefits of manufacturing cloud computing versus PaaS on-demand ERP.