ERP Weekly News Highlights, 8/19/2013-8/23/13

Manufacturing Insights Blog

We often talk about how the U.S. is making a manufacturing comeback.

This week we’re backing up those claims with some strong facts, from new statistics on taking production back from offshore manufacturers to how many American jobs the manufacturing sector is bringing, even in IT as a result of the cloud (despite what you may have heard).

What other areas do you think have shown U.S. manufacturing growth?

U.S. Manufacturing to Capture Larger Share of Global Market

The Boston Consulting Group’s recently released study predicts that with a more productive U.S. factory sector, cheaper energy and relatively lower wages will pull production from Europe’s leading countries, Japan and China.

Cloud Is Actually Expanding The Role Of Information Technology Departments, Cisco-Intel Survey Finds

Many IT department have worried that cloud technology will shrink their roles – but this Forbes article shares data that calls for greater partnership and coordination between business and IT leaders as cloud adoption accelerates within enterprises.

Cloud Security: Not an Oxymoron

What are the realities of security practices at leading cloud providers? Our Vice President of Infrastructure, Tom DeCoe, tackles this topic in Cloud Computing Journal, as well as the questions that should be asked by those considering a cloud solution.