ERP Weekly News Highlights, 8/26/13-8/30/13

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Welcome back! We hope you had a great Labor Day weekend.

Fall is (un)officially here, and it’s a great time to start fresh, with a renewed outlook on your business to take you through the remainder of the calendar year.

This week’s articles focus on the improvements and upgrades that can make your organization more efficient and focused, while preparing for future growth.

Is It Time to Purchase a New ERP? The Sequel

Noted industry analyst Cindy Jutras follows up her original ERP recommendation guide with this updated report on new technology and robust feature functionalities now available to ERP users.

How Cloud-Based Business Intelligence Is Redefining Industrial Manufacturing

In this blog post, our own Louis Columbus illustrates why descriptive analytics are the rearview mirrors of analytics, while predictive and prescriptive analytics are the compasses that show the future, pointing in the direction of where a manufacturer is capable of going.

How Cloud Computing Is Going To Change The Future Of ERP

Can a cloud-hosted ERP solution drastically change the fortune of a company? This CloudTweaks article breaks down the many benefits of moving your ERP solution to the cloud.

Evolution Of The IT Department In The Age Of The Cloud

Businesses must adapt or gradually lose market share to their more modern and nimble competitors, says Plex Vice President of Development Jason Prater – find out why this applies to IT departments in the wake of disruptive technology like the cloud, and how some manufacturers are already reaping the benefits.

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