ERP Weekly News Highlights, 8/5/13-8/9/13

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When looking back on manufacturing, it is sometimes difficult to remember that what now seems antiquated was once the pinnacle of modern manufacturing.

Although cloud technology is helping manufacturers take their operations into the future, we owe much to those who led the way in cutting-edge advancements for the industry.

This week we bring you a look back at the heyday of manufacturing, plus articles that demonstrate the power in tomorrow’s technology.

Made in America: Photos From the Heyday of American Manufacturing

To move forward, it’s important to also look back and respect the true roots of American manufacturing. TIME magazine presents this fantastic slideshow that showcases a time when nearly 40 percent of Americans were employed by the industry.

Report: Nearly 80 Percent of Manufacturers to Develop Mobile App This Year

Using a corporate app store to manage all manufacturing mobile apps is a hot topic in the mobile industry. Read the latest challenges facing IT departments in the deployment of mobile solutions, and how they are working to manage the flood of mobile apps inside their companies.

Plex Systems’ Cloud Computing ERP Systems Are An Asset For Manufacturers

Cloud ERP is the future of manufacturing, says Forbes’ Amit Chowdhry. See how Plex is taking the industry by storm in this feature article with CEO Jason Blessing.