ERP Weekly News Highlights, 9/23/13-9/27/13

Manufacturing Insights Blog

What will it take for your business to grow and become the next manufacturing powerhouse?

This week’s articles examine different ways companies are using current trends to their advantage, from IT skills and midmarket companies’ unique position in the competitive landscape, to the reshoring buzz for manufacturers.

8 Hot IT Skills for 2014

What will it take in 2014 to become a leader in IT? With 32 percent of companies looking to expand their IT departments, learn which eight skills will separate you from the rest.

ERP in the Midmarket: Enabling Functionality and Simplicity to Combat Complexity

Has your business reached the point where simple growth tactics don’t apply? This Aberdeen Group research report suggests that it’s time for midsize companies to move to bigger and better things to compete with larger organizations.

The Truth About Reshoring, Productivity And Today’s Manufacturer

The buzz about reshoring in manufacturing is hard to ignore, but is this a fact or just wishful thinking? In this Manufacturing Business Technology article, read which tactics our vice president of strategy, Jim Shepherd, suggests American companies should adopt to turn the trickle of returning business into a flood.