Halloween Fun at Plex Systems

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By Taya Johnston, Plex Systems Human Resources Director You may have noticed a theme here at Plex Systems: We like to have fun, whether we’re at work or play. And Halloween is no exception.

Each year we carve pumpkins to raise money for our featured charity; this year, we were able to raise $418 for our Make-A-Wish kids! (You can see more winning pumpkin carvings on our Facebook page.)

Our team members have the option of taking a half day on Halloween to attend their children’s classroom parties or prepare them for trick-or-treating, but the kids aren’t the only ones who get to enjoy the fun – we also like to get into the spirit of the holiday with a costume contest.

The winners of the fifth annual Plex Halloween Costume Contest are:

  • Sean Hook as Bane (reward: $100 gift card)
  • Ron Schoenstein as Pyramid Head (reward: $50 gift card)
  • Myles Wohl as a Steampunk Gentleman (reward: $25 gift card)

We hope your Halloween was as fun as ours!


Tower_Pumpkin_Winner-1.png Sean_Hook-Bane_from_The_Dark_Knight_Rises.jpg Ron_Schoenstein-Pyramid_Head_from_Silent_Hill.jpg Myles_Wohl-Steampunk_Gentleman-768x1024.jpg