New Webinar Available: "Food Tracing: Implications of the FSMA"

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No food company wants to face product quality issues...and strong traceability is a food company’s best defense against the consequences of quality or safety issues.

As food and beverage processors prepare themselves for the yet-to-be-announced Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) updates, we've now made available our latest Food Thought Leadership webinar, "Food Tracing: Implications of the FSMA," led by former FDA Associate Commissioner of Foods Dr. David Acheson and Jon Cowan, Senior Manager of Food and Beverage Industry at Plex Systems.

Click here to listen at your convenience as Dr. Acheson reviews current federal requirements as well as those that he expects to be introduced with the FSMA. You'll also learn more about the importance of rigorous product tracing abilities, record-keeping requirements and the effects that the FSMA updates will have on those requirements, as well as how to identify what areas of your enterprise will be affected by additional regulations and how to prepare for the impacts of compliance.