New Year, New Beginnings: Hello from Our New CEO

Greetings! I’m Jason Blessing, the new CEO of Plex Systems.

I’m excited to embark on this new journey; there is truly no time like the present to be joining this organization.

Plex Systems has long been the home of great people, great product and great customers – and now, we are at a point where we can also add great timing to that list. At a time when many of our competitors are just now starting to incorporate SaaS into their business models, we are and have been doing that right for a long time – and as our customers will attest, that experience shows.

But it’s not just experience that sets us apart; it’s our commitment to always making Plex Online a better, configurable and more flexible solution for manufacturers. When our customers speak, we listen and adjust. We are continuously improving our solutions so that our customers can elevate their business processes. Many companies talk about being nimble and agile; at Plex Systems, we live it every day.

I’m proud to join this team. This company has set the bar for cloud ERP excellence, and I know the quality product and service our customers have come to know and love – as well as the company atmosphere that so many refer to as a family – will only continue to improve as we grow.

I hope you’ll join me and the entire Plex Systems team on the next phase of this exciting time for our company!