Plex Systems ERP Weekly News Highlights, 2/11/13-2/15/13

Cloud and SaaS acquisitions are red (hot),
Manufacturing is returning to the red, white and blue;
We’re passionate about reducing the cost of quality
And improving the barcode labeling process, too!  

Here’s a look at what caught our attention in manufacturing ERP news this week:

Ernst & Young: Cloud, SaaS dominating tech industry acquisitions

Cloud and software-as-a-service (SaaS) are dominating the merger and acquisitions market, according to new data from Ernst & Young, as larger technology corporations buy up smaller ones with expertise in these “megatrend” areas.

GE CEO Jeff Immelt: Here's The Case For Making Things In America Again

At last week’s “Manufacturing’s Next Chapter” conference, Immelt gave several strong reasons why, even in our global economy, it makes more and more sense for the most advanced and innovative manufacturing to come back to the United States. Among the reasons he listed: designers and manufacturers can work together without traveling halfway across the world, and iterate and improve constantly.

Reducing the Cost of Quality in Electronics Manufacturing

In their blog post, LNS Research discusses data shared in this past week’s webinar with us on the same topic – including statistics on top quality management objectives and the steps companies can take to effectively leverage people, processes and technology to optimize their cost of quality metrics.

Plex Systems Launches Label Designer Functionality

More label formats are needed as the marketplace expands, especially as manufacturers leverage barcoding to streamline and improve material control, inventory management, and shipping processes – and our new Label Designer greatly improves the process of creating custom barcode labels.