Plex Systems ERP Weekly News Highlights, 2/25/13-3/1/13

From epic job possibilities and business deals to examining slipping through FDA cracks and “escaping the clutches” of one of software’s biggest giants, here’s a look at what caught our attention last week in manufacturing ERP:

'Great Coders are Today's Rock Stars'

With testimonials from the tech industry’s rock stars, we’re loving this inspiring video from encourages young and not-so-young alike to learn the “superpower” of coding. (In fact, we loved it so much we also shared it on our Facebook page.)

How Cloud Computing Is Redefining the M&A Landscape

Forbes’ Louis Columbus take a look at this insightful report from Price Waterhouse Coopers, which “is seeing SaaS, mobile devices, analytics and Big Data as the drivers of current and future M&A growth and a fundamental shift in deal volumes to software and Internet deals based on these technologies.”

How Jason Blessing Slipped Out Of Larry Ellison's Grasp Twice

From PeopleSoft and Taleo – both now owned by Oracle – to Plex Systems, Julie Bort of Business Insider takes a look at the winding road that led Blessing to his current role as our CEO.

Regulators Crack Down on Cantaloupe Farmers

Contaminations and scandals have rocked the food industry in the past few years, and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is beginning to show the weight of its Food Safety Management Act (FSMA) – starting with cantaloupe farmers – to help quell public fears.