Plex Systems ERP Weekly News Highlights, 2/4/13-2/8/13

We were inspired by the LNS Weekly Industrial Roundup, created by our friends at LNS Research – so we’ve decided to develop our own weekly collection of news that matters for manufacturers.

Here’s a look at what caught our attention this week:

SAP vs. Oracle vs. Cloud ERP

The two largest ERP providers – SAP and Oracle – still maintain a healthy share of the market, but smaller and more nimble cloud providers are slowly chipping away at their dominance, according to this report from Panorama Consulting Solutions. Among one of the more impressive demonstration of this: Panorama found that cloud and SaaS ERP systems grew from six percent of the market in 2011 to 16 percent in 2012.

A Renaissance for ERP and Why It Matters

ERP can serve as the backbone of business for companies looking to compete and thrive in this global economy – particularly via the cloud. Citing research from Aberdeen Group’s Nick Castellina, the article explores how cloud computing has opened up ERP to many companies that thought it would prove too expensive to install or labor-intensive to maintain.

Battling Food Fraud with End-to-End Product Traceability

As the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) responds to increased findings of food fraud, it’s likely manufacturers will need to reassess their traceability capabilities. This LNS Research blog post discusses what food processors will need to do to take ownership of and responsibility for their products and their brand.

Forrester’s Top 15 Emerging Technologies to Watch

Forrester Research has released the results of their 2012 Global State of Enterprise Architecture (EA) online survey, identifying the most disruptive technologies in the business world. But Forrester doesn’t stop there; they’ve extended their Top Emerging Technologies to Watch report out to 2018, organized into four groups based on where they thought the biggest impact would be: 1) end user computing; 2) sensors and remote computing; 3) process data management; and 4) infrastructure and application platforms. It’s a bold statement on the future of business technology.