Plex Systems ERP Weekly News Highlights, 3/18/13-3/22/13

We’re still a month away from Earth Day, but the manufacturing industry is thinking lean and green – from supply chain management for corporate sustainability to an impressive decrease in manufacturing’s energy output.

Here’s what caught our attention last week in manufacturing ERP:

US Manufacturing Growing More Energy Efficient

Industry Week’s Travis Hessman reports that, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration , total energy consumption by manufacturers decreased a staggering 17 percent in just eight years. Hessman says these numbers reflect both improvements in energy efficiency as well as changes in manufacturing output mix.

While Still Early, Cloud-based Manufacturing Beginning to Come of Age

Cloud-based manufacturing is one of the best ways to stay both lean and energy efficient. (How? Check out this whitepaper.) Bill McNee of Saugatuck Technology spoke recently with our CEO, Jason Blessing, about how Plex Systems is among those leading the charge in the third or fourth wave of cloud business solution demand.

Improving Links Between Supply Chain and Sustainability

Corporate sustainability and supply chain management go hand in hand, says Green Biz’s John Davies. This article explores intriguing data from a report surveying professionals from manufacturing, distribution and retail companies, in an effort to uncover the missing links between the two practices.

Supply Chain Management: Balance Risk with Leanness

Is it possible to have a supply chain that’s too lean? If you’ve ever run out of raw materials – or came close to it – the answer is yes. But not to worry: lean expert David Turbide is here to help in a free webinar we’re hosting this week; be sure to sign up to help mitigate risk factors that could lead to business disruption.