Plex Systems ERP Weekly News Highlights, 4/15/13-4/19/13

Innovation is the difference between a leader and a follower.

Resting on laurels is not how business is won. What used to be tried and true methods are now becoming outdated and starting to fail. It’s time to progress and take a brave step in the direction of innovation.

Check out these industry leading publications endorsing the power of progress.

The Vision of a Leaner Supply Chain

Eliminating activities that don’t add value to the customer is a key concept behind becoming lean, says Paul Myerson of Industry Week. He goes on to point out the challenges that management must face and three new “rules” to meet them, all of which lead to increasing value to the customer and becoming leaner.

New Operating System Yields Dramatic Improvements at High-Capacity Stamping Company

In an effort to consolidate all of their stand-alone systems, Jagemann Stamping made the move to the Plex Manufacturing Cloud to integrate systems throughout the company with a user-friendly interface.

2013 Innovations That Could Change the Way You Manufacture

Whether it is inspiration from robotic insects or superhydrophobic coatings that could save your mobile phone, innovation is always driving forward.  Check out SME’s Innovation Watch Committee’s list of emerging tech that is going to change the way we manufacture. What will they think of next?

Heck Yeah! The Emerging Everyday Engineer

Meet Ben Heck, the manufacturing Macgyver and hero to the maker-community. Ben is inspiring his followers to take advantage of today’s innovations in technology, and closing the gap between the professional engineer and the amateur maker. Heck yeah!