Reflecting on PowerPlex 2013

By Monti Piccioni, Senior Manager, Management Consulting, Plante Moran

I think everyone would agree: The anticipation and excitement leading up to PowerPlex 2013 was definitely justified!

As a member of the Plante Moran team that sponsored the conference again this year, I especially enjoyed the event. PowerPlex always provides a positive, proactive environment where continuous improvement is the theme, which is why I encourage clients and prospective clients to attend annually.

This year, prospective Plex Manufacturing Cloud users were able to participate in basic courses to familiarize themselves with the software’s functionality and navigation, as well as meet and talk with existing Plex customers and representatives.  

The Plex community is continually growing, full of excitement about existing functionality, new developments and potential enhancements. PowerPlex 2013 didn’t let them down. I appreciate, as I believe these potential users do, that Plex is a truly collaborative environment, where building a network within the community can pay dividends down the road. In the end, PowerPlex 2013 was a crucial step toward helping them decide whether Plex solutions will satisfy their business needs.

Meanwhile, PowerPlex gave our current clients the opportunity to view new initiatives and attend sessions on software enhancements and developments that will help streamline current processes and increase overall efficiencies. I encouraged them to network with other clients and Plex personnel as well as connect with the user groups, which provide an additional way to increase Plex knowledge throughout the community by offering Plex module training sessions, plant tours and best practices.  

There absolutely was a wealth of knowledge shared by all at PowerPlex 2013, and the Plante Moran team was proud to be part of it in a big way.

I look forward to seeing all of you next year at PowerPlex 2014!


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