Road to PowerPlex: Collaborating for Growth With Plante Moran

By Daniel Burkhart, Senior Consultant, Management Consulting, ERP Team, Plante Moran

It’s been a year since we gathered for PowerPlex 2012 — and what a year it’s been! What better way to share in the excitement and growth of Plex than to collaborate at PowerPlex 2013.

PowerPlex is a wonderful time of year for the entire Plex community. It affords users the unique opportunity to network with other customers, partners and Plex representatives to ensure they are getting the most out of their Plex experience. But whether you are there to learn, network or just simply share in the excitement, PowerPlex has something to offer everyone.

I have always enjoyed the social aspect of PowerPlex. Rarely do you see such a diverse group of individuals, all with a variety of perspectives based on their own experiences.

What makes this so special is that, collectively, the collaboration of these experiences will solve problems, drive innovation and perpetuate growth. We, as a community, have an opportunity to work together and devise solutions to common problems. Our experiences — past, present and future — will continue to shape the overall landscape of Plex.

And who knows? Perhaps your suggestion will result in the next big Plex initiative.

Plante Moran is honored to be a key sponsor of PowerPlex 2013. Since helping pioneer Plex’s partner program several years ago, Plante Moran has been a leading global implementer of the Plex Manufacturing Cloud. We have experienced firsthand the progression of Plex and have a sincere interest in its continued success.

Our team is dedicated to helping users optimize their overall Plex experience by offering best practices and proven project management. In conjunction with Plex, we leverage our extensive resources, knowledge base, and industry experience to deliver the value and performance you expect from an ERP system.

As a proud member of the Plante Moran team, I am excited to share my own experiences with the Plex community, as well as hear yours. Feel free to drop by our PowerPlex booth, attend a session hosted by a member of our team, or simply say hello. We welcome your questions, opinions and insight, and hope that we can provide you with meaningful advice to improve your overall Plex experience.

Enjoy PowerPlex 2013!