Staying Sharp with Continuous Learning Opportunities at Plex Systems

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It’s back-to-school time, but not just for kids---many of our employees are returning to the classroom as well.

It’s our goal to always help our team members grow and learn---especially when it comes to the skills that will help them feel more empowered on the job---so we offer a variety of ways to encourage lifelong learning.

We regularly offer internal training, with outside specialists occasionally stopping by our offices for specific subjects. And in some instances, we'll even send an employee out for specific training – and when they return, he or she will share with and educate others on what was learned.

Another unique element is our certification encouragement program. When an employee attends continuing education classes to help them grow professionally, we will reimburse an employee for study materials and the cost of the class exam when the final test is passed and certification is awarded in an area related to the employee’s role at Plex Systems.

But the benefit doesn’t stop there; once they officially receive their certificate, the employee is also eligible for a $1,000 bonus. (Now THAT’S a graduation present!) And if you’re not yet part of our team---why not? Here’s our most current list of job openings.

Taya Johnston, PHR, is Director of Human Resources at Plex Systems.