Plex Partners share our extraordinary commitment to customer service, and you can rely on them to help you get full value from the Plex Manufacturing Cloud.

Service & Advisory Partners

Services Partners

Plex Services Partners provide specialized Plex Manufacturing Cloud services and management consulting services to help you maximize the value of your Plex solution.  These partners are experts with extensive experience and deep expertise in both the Plex Manufacturing Cloud solution and how the solution best works within your industry. Our Services Partners are well trained on our products, our tools, and our methodologies to drive quick and cost-effective implementation. Service partners are also key contributors to long-term success by helping Plex users discover and fully utilize Plex system functionality.  

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Advisory Partners

Advisory Partners in the Plex partner network are global and regional thought leaders with practices and solutions designed to help clients improve their overall business operations. This group of partners provides deep and broad industry knowledge, business process and management advisory services, and system integration. Some of these partners also provide technology services. This partner group includes accounting firms, independent consulting firms, software selection firms, and private equity firms who recognize the value of Plex solutions and the important impact they can have for their clients.


Become a Partner

We are actively seeking additional partners who share our passion for solving business problems for manufacturing clients through cloud technology. To learn more about Plex and our partner program, submit the Become a Partner form.  A member of our partner success team will reach out to you for further discussion.  General questions, please contact us at

Solution & Referral Partners

Solution Partners

Plex solution partners deliver complementary software, interfaces, hardware, and services to drive value for our user companies. Plex provides access to current and planned product specifications and collateral that enable our partners to keep their offerings current and adding value for Plex clients. 

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Referral Partners

Plex Referral Partners introduce prospective customers to Plex and receive a referral fee when the prospect becomes a Plex customer. There is no cost to become a Plex referral partner and Plex product expertise is not required. Plex referral partners receive access to information on our latest product features, benefits, and enhancements.

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