Plex Systems ERP Software

Why Plex?

Manufacturing has changed. Unfortunately, most ERP systems haven’t. ERP from the Plex Manufacturing Cloud is built for the new model of manufacturing where the plant floor comes first.

3 Things You Need to Know

There are lots of things we can tell you about Plex. But, we’re only going to tell you three of them. Why? Because these three things set Plex apart and once you know them, you’ll know why business is better in the Plex Manufacturing Cloud.

The Only Manufacturing Cloud

Plex ERP solutions for the plant floor have been delivered from the cloud since 2001. But being first isn’t the point. The fact is we’re the only cloud developed specifically for manufacturing. That’s important because manufacturing has changed.

Once upon a time, manufacturing was about long production runs and stability. The purpose of legacy ERP was to lock down a process and eliminate variation. Today’s model of manufacturing is about change and how you manage it. Production runs are shorter. Go-to-market times are accelerated. Industry leaders, regardless of size, are defined by the ability to turn on a dime and give back change. Why Plex? Because ERP from the Plex Manufacturing Cloud allows you to be an agent of change: to act rather than react. Because manufacturers who want to win need ERP that puts manufacturing first.

Built From the Plant Floor Up

Unlike other cloud ERP providers where manufacturing is just another module, The Plex Manufacturing Cloud puts the plant floor first. We understand that the plant floor is the heart of your manufacturing business. It operates at a speed faster than people or patched-together systems can manage. It generates enormous amounts of information that must be captured, digested and acted upon.

The plant floor extends beyond the physical realm of four walls. Manufacturers of every size need the capacity to communicate with suppliers and customers whether they’re close to home or on the other side of the world. So, why Plex? Here’s the answer. ERP from our manufacturing cloud is purpose-built to capture and manage plant floor processes, communicating that information to everyone who needs to know it. If you’re ready to find profits being left on the plant floor, choose ERP that’s build from the plant floor up.

A Platform of Continuous Innovation

It’s a new day and on-premise office-driven ERP isn’t built to handle the one constant, change.

ERP from the Plex Manufacturing Cloud is a scalable platform, gearing up or down with market cycles. Think of us as a surge protector, keeping your business safe no matter what happens.

But ERP from the Plex Manufacturing Cloud is about more than protection. It’s about the ability to innovate your way to success. And innovation depends on the capacity to evolve, to see opportunities and to act on them, now.

You see it all the time. The laundry list of things that legacy ERP will help your business improve: productivity, efficiency, quality. You don’t hear much about the capacity for endless innovation, for a truly collaborative supply chain, or quality that is inherent, built in, not added on.

Yes, our ERP solution radically improves the functional aspects of your business. But it’s the scope, the scalability, and the plant floor focus that make it possible for the Plex Manufacturing Cloud to transform the way you do business.

That’s it. Now you know why Plex is the answer for manufacturing ERP. You can go with ERP built for yesterday or with ERP from the Plex Manufacturing Cloud built for today’s manufacturing model where the plant floor comes first.