Plex creates value every day for manufacturers in key industry segments. Make your business more competitive with the industry-specific ERP functionality offered by the Plex Manufacturing Cloud.

Aerospace and Defense

Bring unmatched execution, traceability and security together for an ideal ERP solution


Increase your agility with manufacturing execution excellence and end-to-end visibility

Food and Beverage

Get the quality and traceability you need for your lot and recipe management

High Tech and Electronics

Manage your business with precision for short product cycles and volatile demand

Industrial Manufacturing

Easily manage manufacturing complexity with a built-in Manufacturing Execution System

Precision Metalforming

Control your inventory, equipment and costs with a focus on quality and timeliness


Plex ERP for Discrete Manufacturers

Experience industry-leading quality and manufacturing agility.

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8 Must-Have ERP Features for MVI

Learn how to streamline your ERP operations to maximize profitability.

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ERP for Food Processing Manufacturers

Discover the power of ERP on the food processing plant floor.

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What can you do with Plex?

See how companies are harnessing the power of Plex.