Increase your manufacturing agility with a unified source of business information to connect your supply chain on a flexible cloud platform.

Plex in Automotive

Plex has everything you need to run your automotive business — built-in to the platform, not bolted on with integrations. Gain crucial real-time insight into demand, inventory and quality for increased agility and productivity.

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8 Must-Have ERP Features for the Auto Industry

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Meeting Automotive Industry Challenges 

Automotive industry businesses struggle to meet the needs of a demanding market. Increasingly complex requirements from your customers make it difficult to concentrate on reducing inventory, eliminating scrap and waste, and dealing with volatile commodity costs, all with a workforce that’s dramatically smaller than it was just a few years ago.

Features & Benefits

With Plex ERP software, capture and access all production and quality data at the “manufacturing moment” to gain the real-time intelligence required to make timely and effective manufacturing decisions. The built-in Manufacturing Execution System (MES) monitors and maintains inventory, production and quality information in real time to improve responsiveness, drive shorter cycle times and reduce the risk of warranty issues or recalls.

Manage Quality

Real-time quality monitoring should be an integral part of your MES. Pinpoint and isolate your problems immediately with Plex to isolate and contain an issue and minimize its impact on overall product cost. 

Built-in integration

  • Eliminate duplicate data entry and expensive integrations between systems. 
  • The Plex Manufacturing Cloud has it all in one place, from shop floor MES, to built-in customer labeling and EDI. 

The Entire Plant at Your Fingertips

  • Connect the shop floor with the top floor for actionable information to understand costs, optimize schedules, eliminate waste and keep up with the pace of your business
  • Respond to increasing price pressure from customers with real-time business information that exposes efficiency opportunities you may not otherwise have seen.

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud was built on the shop floor and expanded up to the top floor, driven by the vision that better manufacturing requires a focus on accurate, real-time inventory and traceability, not just better accounting for debits and credits. Plex delivers a lower total cost of ownership for automotive suppliers without expensive IT investments, additional licenses or regular upgrades to install. And with Plex, you enjoy faster time-to-value with the continuous innovation of daily enhancements. 



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The Plex Manufacturing Cloud

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud is a single unified platform that helps you manage your manufacturing operations with unmatched agility and superior performance. Plex delivers a competitive edge to your business through its built-in broad and deep set of functionalities.

Accounting and Financials

Keep your accounting and finance system in sync with accurate, real-time data

Customers and Sales

Connect with trading partners with less time and effort

Enterprise Management

Expand your business with enhanced controls and real-time data access

Human Capital

Connect with plant operations to track production hours and account for labor

Inventory Management

Accurately manage the most volatile asset of your business

Products and Programs

Track all program activities to ensure compliance and timely reporting

Production Management

Keep your plant efficient and productive with a central production hub

Quality Management

Improve product quality and compliance with built-in PPAP, APQP and more

Suppliers and Purchasing

Keep suppliers informed and involved through improved collaboration

Plex Platform

Use these essential functions to get the most from your ERP system

Why should you choose Plex?

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