High Tech and Electronics

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud helps you meet relentless customer demand for on-time product delivery by increasing your efficiency and quality.

Plex in High Tech and Electronics

Keep up with your customers’ rapid pace of product launches with integral data management and tight supply chain integration.  Maximize production throughput with lean operations enabled by the Plex Manufacturing Cloud.

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7 Must-Have ERP Features for High Tech/Electronics Manufacturers

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Features & Benefits

Compete and succeed in the challenging world of High Tech and Electronics manufacturing with the broad and deep functionality in the Plex Manufacturing Cloud. Un-matched control and traceability help you navigate changing demand, short product lifecycles and regulatory requirements with ease.  Plex helps you drive efficiency and meet demanding quality requirements while keeping costs in control.  


  • Accelerate new product introductions with integrated engineering data management, document management and workflow capabilities.
  • Maintain high quality with integral checksheets and automatic forms documentation.

Supply Chain

  • Get closer to suppliers and customers through collaborative partner portals.
  • Drive efficiencies and reduce lead time as you work with partners to remove delays and errors from your complex supply chain.
  • Maintain full traceability of all inventory from cradle to grave.


  • Maintain control of all activities with visibility throughout the plant and up and down the supply chain.
  • Full traceability and regulatory record-keeping are all tied to integrated bar-code.
  • MES connectivity to production equipment built from solid roots in the plant floor.

With the Plex Manufacturing Cloud, electronics manufacturers and electronic manufacturing services companies meet customer demands for innovative assemblies and products while increasing efficiency and quality. 


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The Plex Manufacturing Cloud

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud is a single unified platform that helps you manage your manufacturing operations with unmatched agility and superior performance. Plex delivers a competitive edge to your business through its built-in broad and deep set of functionalities.

Accounting and Financials

Keep your accounting and finance system in sync with accurate, real-time data

Customers and Sales

Improve your customer service and save time and effort

Enterprise Management

Expand your business with enhanced controls and real-time data access

Human Capital

Treat your employees well and increase job satisfaction

Inventory Management

Improve inventory accuracy and optimize material availability

Products and Programs

Track all program activities to ensure compliance and timely reporting

Production Management

Keep your plant efficient and productive with a central production hub

Quality Management

Improve product quality and comply with specifications

Suppliers and Purchasing

Keep suppliers informed and involved through the Plex Supplier Portal

Plex Platform

Use these essential functions to get the most from your ERP system

Why should you choose Plex?

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