Industrial Manufacturing

Get the industrial-grade ERP software you need to implement lean manufacturing strategies.

Plex in Industrial Manufacturing

Manage product configurations and quoting for fast response to customer inquiries. Also manage configured Bill of Materials (BOMs) and routings across multiple programs, and execute efficiently and with first-time quality.

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The Effective Supply Chain: Maximize Manufacturing Performance

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Features & Benefits

Master the complexities of Industrial Equipment manufacturing with the Plex Manufacturing Cloud to drive efficiency, control and best in class customer service. Integral planning, scheduling and program management help you increase throughput and control costs.

The Right Tools

  • Leverage Operational Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) to keep equipment operating efficiently. 
  • Use real-time data to track activities and manage proactively. 
  • Avoid production interruptions with predictive and preventive maintenance.

Collaborate with Your Suppliers

  • Get closer to your supply chain partners and strengthen the value chain by providing portals for customers and suppliers.
  • Instill customer confidence in that their orders will be completed on time.
  • Help suppliers track receipts, invoices and quality levels with on-line tools.

Stay in Control

  • Maintain high quality standards and solid compliance audit trails. 
  • Track inventory and product quality via integrated bar-code. 
  • Access detailed traceability of inventory from parts entering your manufacturing process through to shipment.

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud has all the features you need to manage your industrial equipment manufacturing business and deliver complex products on time and on budget. Our industrial ERP software is built to adapt and to be a functional fit for your business, no matter how much your business grows. The Plex Manufacturing Cloud ERP solution is built to last, like the products you make. 



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The Plex Manufacturing Cloud

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud is a single unified platform that helps you manage your manufacturing operations with unmatched agility and superior performance. Plex delivers a competitive edge to your business through its built-in broad and deep set of functionalities.

Accounting and Financials

Keep your accounting and finance system in sync with accurate, real-time data

Customers and Sales

Improve your customer service and save time and effort

Enterprise Management

Expand your business with enhanced controls and real-time data access

Human Capital

Treat your employees well and increase job satisfaction

Inventory Management

Improve inventory accuracy and optimize material availability

Planning and Scheduling

Plan for an optimized capacity utilization of your shop floor resources

Products and Programs

Track all program activities to ensure compliance and timely reporting

Production Management

Keep your plant efficient and productive with a central production hub

Quality Management

Improve product quality and comply with specifications

Suppliers and Purchasing

Keep suppliers informed and involved through the Plex Supplier Portal

Plex Platform

Use these essential functions to get the most from your ERP system

Why should you choose Plex?

Discover more about the cloud ERP benefits Plex offers.