Manufacturing Execution System

Enable more lean operations and increased product quality with real-time monitoring and control.


Get More From Your Plant Floor

Get more output from your limited resources and more return out of every activity. Monitor and manage the plant to make better manufacturing decisions and improve productivity. Real-time monitoring and control of all aspects of your production enable leaner operations without sacrificing product quality.

Manufacturing Agility through MES Excellence

Achieve manufacturing agility through strong links from your plant floor and ERP system.

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Business Benefits

Manufacturing execution in the Plex Manufacturing Cloud securely connects planning and management directly to the plant floor with real-time data collection for extremely detailed traceability, as well as activity monitoring and enforcement of quality processes.

Lean and Flexible Production Control

  • The Plex Manufacturing Execution System (MES) provides a standard work environment supported by a single version of the truth. The system provides relevant and timely information to operators — the people who really “own” the data — to empower them to rapidly diagnose and resolve issues themselves, thus improving productivity, raising product quality and lowering production costs.

First-Time Quality

  • Plex starts with process control at the “manufacturing moment” — at the fingertips of every operator — and extends across the enterprise, resulting in the improved ability to deliver a quality product the first time and every time. Plex delivers increased process repeatability and predictability, with reduced variation and defects.

Track-and-Trace Inventory

  • With high-resolution genealogy and traceability, you know where your entire inventory is in real time and can trace back to any information about any inventory from the point it enters your system to the time it ships out the door. Plex capabilities for tracking and tracing improve inventory planning, reduce inventory carrying costs and reduce scrap through obsolescence.

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