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The formula for success in automotive manufacturing sounds deceptively simple: deliver world-class quality at industry-leading costs, while continuously improving your operations.

In the real world, this means balancing increasingly complex demands from your customer base, while reducing inventory, eliminating scrap and waste, and dealing with volatile commodity costs – with a workforce that’s dramatically smaller than just a few years ago.

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud is being used by leading automotive manufacturers including Inteva, Shape Corp., and Fluid Routing Solutions to run their operations from the shop floor to the top floor, doing much more than they ever thought possible with an automotive ERP solution, and leveraging automotive-specific functionality that includes:

  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and release accounting
  • Bar code label printing and scanning
  • Procurement and production, including lean manufacturing tools
  • Native quality management tools, including PPAP, FMEA, MMOG/LE and much more
    • Starter

      Automotive – Starter

      Growth is good, right? You’re in the running for the biggest job in your company’s history, but you can’t manage the OEM’s requirements. That’s not good. It’s time to stop managing your plant floor with clipboards and sticky notes. It’s time to introduce real manufacturing processes into your business. It’s time for Starter, an ERP solution in the Plex Manufacturing Cloud.

      Customers choose Starter to:
      • Manage sales and shipments with EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and release accounting
      • Control inventory with barcode labels and sophisticated traceability features
      • Plan, schedule and execute required procurement and production
    • Core

      Automotive – Core

      You have an ERP system but it isn’t helping you out. In fact, you’ve come up with paper-based, by-hand processes to compensate for the things your ERP system makes too difficult to do. That’s no way to compete.

      It’s time for ERP that puts the plant floor front and center: ERP that runs on manufacturing time – the non-stop, critical capture of information about the efficiency of machines and the productivity of people time. It’s time for ERP that comes with quality management so you know what’s being produced before you produce 10,000 pieces of scrap. It’s time for Core, an ERP solution in the Plex Manufacturing Cloud sized just right for mid-sized companies.

      Customers choose Core to:
      • Improve product quality with built-in, real-time control plans, data collection and analysis
      • Properly maintain and service tooling, equipment and facilities
      • Ensure internal procedures and processes are followed using configurable workflows
      • Better utilize their work force with a powerful human resources management suite
    • Advanced

      Automotive – Advanced

      It’s not that problems go away. It’s just that once your business is all grown-up, you have more complex quality problems. You start asking big, non-routine questions. Is this the right time to open another plant? Do we have the right global partners? If we purchase a competitor, how do we integrate their processes?

      The answers to these questions are found in the details, the granular data that is generated on the plant floor. You can’t forecast if you don’t know about productivity right down to the machine and the person who operates it. You can’t predict the capacity to handle increased demand if you can’t see what’s being produced by plant, by region, by division, all the way up the chain. You can’t answer the big questions if your ERP system doesn’t give you a great big picture window on to what’s happening on the plant floor.

      No matter what ERP you have in place, if it’s not manufacturing-ready ERP it’s not going to answer the big questions for you. You’ll find answers are on the plant floor with Enterprise, a solution in the Plex Manufacturing Cloud that delivers dynamic ERP from the plant floor up.

      Customers choose Advanced to:
      • Improve sales with quoting and estimating, sales and program management tools
      • Leverage the most advanced quality, human resources and costing features
      • Utilize integrated tool manufacturing applications
      • Extend system functionality across multiple facilities, customers and suppliers