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Your Components Need an ERP Pedigree

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What’s razor-thin and moves faster than Moore’s Law of innovation?

The answer is profit margins and product lifecycles. Market leaders in global electronics manufacturing are in hot pursuit of the new Holy Grail – quality.

A panel comes in. A circuit board goes out. A dog doesn’t have to have a pedigree, but your inventory does. In an industry that’s all about change, Plex Manufacturing Cloud is an agent of change. Our cloud ERP software adapts to new demands just as your business does. We can’t do anything about your dog. But we can give every part in your business an impeccable pedigree, no matter how fast everything changes.

With the Plex Manufacturing Cloud, electronics manufacturers and electronic manufacturing services (EMS) companies must meed customer demands for innovative assemblies and products while increasing efficiency and of course, quality. Below are some of the areas our electronics manufacturing software can help with:


Featured Packages

  • Starter

    High Tech and Electronics – Starter

    Your business is doing great. But that home-grown accounting and database system are now a barrier to growth. You wake up in the middle of the night and wonder how you can afford an integrated ERP system without a big, upfront expense that will leave your business cash poor.

    The answer to your sleepless nights is Starter, essential manufacturing ERP from the Plex Manufacturing Cloud.  

    Customers choose Starter to:
    • Create a dynamic quoting process integrated with BOMs, routings, costs and document control
    • Leverage purchasing and pay tools that coordinate with 100% of the manufacturing and quality processes
    • Plan for and disseminate scheduling information in real time
    • Utilize a seamless and paperless plant floor control system with built-in quality and production costing
  • Core

    High Tech and Electronics – Core

    You’ve got upgrade-a-phobia, living with an ERP system that can’t keep pace with your growth. You may even have rogue systems outside of your ERP in an attempt to connect multiple plants and locations. That’s no way to grow. It’s time for Core, a robust ERP solution from the Plex Manufacturing Cloud.  

    Customers choose Core to:
    • Leverage the power of a completely interconnected workflow to increase coordination and efficiency
    • Take quality to the next level by incorporating PPAP, continuous improvement, problem control, gage R&R, supplier audits and other quality specific functions
    • Utilize program management to tie together all program and project related activity supported by real-time cost and production data
  • Advanced

    High Tech and Electronics – Advanced

    You’re a global company but you haven’t lost that fire-in-the-belly drive to be the best at what you do. As you look for ways to be more competitive, you turn your attention to the plant floor. This place, the heart of your business, is just another module in standard on-premise ERP.

    If you’re ready to treat the plant floor as a source for profitability and innovation, it’s time for Enterprise, plant-floor focused ERP from the Plex Manufacturing Cloud.

    Customers choose Advanced to:
    • Communicate across the enterprise in a common language with common practices
    • Extend supply chain collaboration to include vendor managed inventory
    • Optimize equipment and tooling efficiency with integrated plant maintenance and tool tracking

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