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You make parts; you engineer the products that end up as components in even more complex machinery.

You live and breathe lean manufacturing strategies. It just so happens that we do too. The engineers behind Plex Manufacturing Cloud are obsessed with production processes, capturing changes and tracking costs. But just like your business, we’re a whole lot more than the sum of our product features.

Cloud ERP from Plex is technology of the future that you can have right now. Our industrial ERP software is built to adapt, to be a functional fit for your business no matter how much things change. We’re built to last like the products you make. That makes us industrial grade ERP.

Featured Packages

  • Starter

    Industrial Manufacturing – Starter

    You’re going after new business, but your paper-based processes don’t allow you to compete. It’s time to step up to manufacturing-ready ERP that doesn’t eat up your operating capital. It’s time for Starter, a product from the Plex Manufacturing Cloud with just-right features for companies on the grow.

    Customers choose Starter to:
    • Provide detailed quotes to their customers
    • Record sales via standard order entry and EDI
    • Plan for required materials and production
    • Provide traceability of materials used in each step of the manufacturing process
  • Core

    Industrial Manufacturing – Core

    Let’s face it; the thought of going through another on-premise ERP upgrade has you doing … nothing. And do-nothing ERP is the riskiest ERP of all. When change is the operating principle of today’s manufacturing model, you need change-agent ERP: ERP that allows you to increase capacity without a capital outlay, ERP that keeps up with high-volume plant floor data so you know if or when your business is exposed to risk.

    If you’re ready to do something, it’s time for Core, the let’s-make-things-happen ERP from the Plex Manufacturing Cloud.

    Customers choose Core to:
    • Provide detailed quotes to their customers
    • Predictively manage plant equipment
    • Embed quality into the manufacturing process
  • Advanced

    Industrial Manufacturing – Advanced

    You have divisions and plants around the world. Your new mission is profitability and how to squeeze more of it out of every operation. What’s between you and your goal? ERP that is more focused on back office functions than plant floor activity. If you’re ready to put the plant floor at the center of your business, it’s time for Enterprise, manufacturing-ready ERP built from the plant floor up, delivered from the Plex Manufacturing Cloud.

    Customers choose Advanced to:
    • Strengthen the supply chain by providing a portal to their customers and suppliers
    • Better tracking with vendor managed inventory
    • Utilize multi-company functionality for financial consolidation and cross company activities

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