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Precision Metalforming

Expanded ERP for Precision Metalformers

We like to tell this story. Our first customer was a metalformer. The Plex Manufacturing Cloud was born on this customer’s plant floor.

Like every kid, we grew up and applied our manufacturing know-how to a new kind of cloud ERP: ERP that makes it possible to see what’s going on in every part of your business from the plant floor to the top floor.

Of course we support metalforming-specific functions like production scheduling, serialized inventory and tooling management. But the Plex Manufacturing Cloud offers something more. Our ERP software is a functional fit for your business in the here and now, and for a future you haven’t even imagined yet. Like stretch denim, we move with you. We’re comfortable. And we get what you do because that’s where we got our start.

Featured Packages

  • Starter

    Metalforming – Starter

    Growing a business from the ground up is no small accomplishment. But sooner or later you’re going to need more than passion, hard work and an accounting program to move up the food chain. It’s time to integrate the plant floor with the rest of your business. It’s time for Starter, an essential manufacturing solution from the Plex Manufacturing Cloud.

    Customers use Starter to:
    • Record sales via standard order entry and EDI
    • Plan for required materials and production
    • Provide traceability of materials used in each step of the manufacturing process
  • Core

    Metalforming – Core

    You’ve tried on-premise ERP but it never really delivered. Now you put up with it, work around it and swear you’ll never update it again. But not doing something about your sluggish ERP is slowing down your business. Get growing again with Core, robust ERP from the Plex Manufacturing Cloud. Your business runs on the plant floor and ERP from the plant floor up is at the center of everything we do.

    Customers use Core to:
    • Provide detailed quotes to their customers
    • Predicatively manage plant equipment
    • Embed quality into the manufacturing process
  • Advanced

    Metalforming – Advanced

    You’re big. You got that way by doing a lot of things right. Now it’s time to take a closer look at the plant floor, the new frontier for finding profitability. It’s time for manufacturing-ready ERP: ERP that captures, communicates and manages processes all of which are moving at manufacturing time, make-your-head-spin-at-the relentless-pace-of-it-all time. You need Enterprise, a solution from the Plex Manufacturing Cloud. When you’re serious about making the plant floor the profit center it should be, choose the ERP solution that works from the plant floor up.

    Customers use Advanced to:
    • Strengthen the supply chain by providing a portal to their customers and suppliers
    • Better tracking with vendor managed inventory
    • Utilize multi-company functionality for financial consolidation and cross company activities

Software Features