Plex Systems ERP Software

Case Studies

Old Mill Kettle Corn Manufacturer Sees Sweet Growth Through the Cloud

A kettle corn manufacturer launches the Plex Manufacturing Cloud, primarily to support their rapid growth.

White Papers

Five Strategies For Streamlining Program-Based Manufacturing in Aerospace and Defense

This white paper shows how to streamline program-based manufacturing using cloud-based applications and the financial gains of choosing this strategy.

Analyst Research

GigaOm Research Cloud-Based ERP: Finally Time for Back Office as a Service?

Read the stories of what three manufacturers gained from implementing cloud ERP including cost savings, agility in IT, and operational gains within the supply chain.


Benefits of an Integrated Quality Solution

Matthew Littlefield, President and Principal Analyst LNS Research, describes market leading solutions and approaches where quality is integrated with all other functions. Littlefield outlines how the connection between ERP, Quality, and Manufacturing software capabilities brings the following benefits to the entire aerospace and defense enterprise.