Human Capital

Build an ecosystem for an efficient and trained workforce, and ensure regulatory compliance for your manufacturing enterprise.

Workforce Management for Manufacturers

Empower your employees, manage skill-sets, comply with regulatory requirements and accurately track time and attendance for payroll calculations.

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Manage all of your employee information in an integrated and configurable human resources management tracking system that records every employee interaction and delivers relevant reporting

Efficiently manage your greatest assets: your employees. Use your comprehensive unified information repository to track and control every employee touch point from hiring to training to costing.

Ensure regulatory compliance, track grievances, manage employee suggestions, match skillsets with your production needs, and stay on top of health and safety incidents

Update accounting and HR systems in real-time as soon as an employee reports production for integrated end-to-end manufacturing management

Accurately measure your labor costs. Maximize your efficiencies with built-in time and attendance system to capture data once and leverage it throughout the system.

Produce payroll data with confidence for your manufacturing business, knowing that pay calculations are accurate and tracked against specific products, jobs and production operations

Human Resources Management

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Employee Management

Effectively manage your company’s greatest asset: your employees.

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Human Resources

Better manage your employees with advanced human resources management features and deep functionality.

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Time and Attendance Integration

Track work hours and attendance with time clocks, badge scanners or biometric devices connected to the Plex Manufacturing Cloud.

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Multi-Plant ERP

See how to manage multiple facilities, divisions and operations with the cloud.

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Focus on Financials

Create value through real-time financial tracking with integrated ERP, production, manufacturing and more.

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Human Capital Management

Stay ahead of the competition with a well-trained productive workforce.

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