Plex Platform

Plex provides a unified cloud platform to manage security, tailor the system to your business, and connect your employees and partners across the globe.


Complete, Centralized Control

The Plex Platform includes a common set of services that combine centralized security, visibility and collaboration with the flexibility to tailor the system to your unique needs.


Empower your users with common services like workflow, document management, messaging, multiple languages, screen tailoring and much more

Gain complete, centralized control over all user access and security functions

Ensure 360-degree security complete with audit trails and backed by a full-time expert team monitoring the system status

Personalize menus, screens, workflows and even which fields and features are turned on and off — with no custom coding

Harness all of your resources by connecting your organization, partners and even machines with no extra license or seat charges

Access the Plex system from PCs, tablets and smartphones using any standard web browser — any place, any time

Plex Platform

Document Management System

Create a culture of collaboration with our centralized document storage system.

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Reporting & Analytics

Track your success with standard and customized business reporting.

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Administrative Services

Centralize system administration to take control of your system — and your business.

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Integration Platform

Connect Plex and external systems with complete integrity through modern standards, and maintain full secure access to your data at all times.

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EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

Manage your EDI trading partners, mailboxes and documents for an instant and flexible exchange of transactions with your customers.

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SmartPlex Mobile Access

Access the Plex Manufacturing Cloud from anywhere you have Internet access.

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Personalize the appearance and functionality of user screens.

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Web Application Accelerator Service

Don’t let low bandwidth slow you down.

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Electronic routing makes sure the job gets done right.

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