Intelliplex Builder - Business Intelligence Reporting

Intelliplex Builder Modules

Make smarter business decisions — no programming required.

Use the IntelliPlex Builder to transform the rich data collected by the Plex Manufacturing Cloud into powerful reports and dashboards that make complex information crystal clear. Build reports within an area of interest, customize the reports in a dashboard and publish applications for slicing and dicing the data — without requiring any IT assistance.

IntelliPlex is built on fully embedded technology from Information Builders, a recognized leader in business intelligence platforms. IntelliPlex Builder users can quickly and easily create reports, charts and dashboards that can be securely shared with other Plex Manufacturing Cloud users.

  • Create complex, dynamic and visually impressive reports, charts, dashboards, key metrics and more
  • Build custom reports that pull in near real-time Plex Manufacturing Cloud data as well as data from external sources such as Microsoft Excel workbooks, flat files and XML files
  • Customize any reports, charts or dashboards and build new ones based on data from SQL stored procedures you create in the integrated SQL development environment
  • Use IntelliPlex queries to freely combine data sets from Plex Manufacturing Cloud tables, standard views and your own custom SQL stored procedures
  • Fully automate, schedule, store and instantly distribute IntelliPlex reports and dashboards
  • “Burst” a single report into sections, each to be sent to a different recipient
  • Keep production and office environments informed using a suite of communication tools, including contact management, communication logs and bulletin boards
  • Take advantage of automated email features, including scheduling and  distribution of IntelliPlex reports, charts and disconnected dashboards