Intelliplex Business Intelligence Modules

Build reports and analytics to gain insights specific to how you do business.

Analytics are the new yardstick for our digital age. The dynamic Intelliplex Business Intelligence tool gives Plex users access to comprehensive reporting and analysis, providing everyone with an accurate snapshot of what’s going on inside your business for more informed business decision-making.

IntelliPlex filters, shapes and reports your business information exactly the way you want to see it in near real time. And because it’s based in the cloud, critical business insights are available from anywhere, anytime.

  • Access reports and dashboards directly within Plex without having to log in to a separate system or install any third-party tools.
  • Apply filters, change chart types and manipulate how the data is presented in numerous ways.
  • Print and share reports in a number of formats, including HTML, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, Flex, and Active Technology such as Active HTML (AHTML) and Active PDF (APDF).
  • Scale as your business does. With cloud technology, there is never any need to upgrade hardware, middleware or infrastructure to support your reporting and analytics platform. Visualize data patterns and trending using the Lightweight Mapping capabilities in Intelliplex. Convert data values into maps, and drill down into the detail data for further analysis.
  • Use Intelliplex’ ReportCaster schedule tool to email or FTP your BI applications.