The Economic and Strategic Benefits of Cloud Computing
Analyst Research
Find out how cloud ERP saves on average more than 15% in IT spending, and delivers speed of implementation, scalability, agility and ease of upgrades for organizations today.
Reducing the Cost of Quality in Electronics Manufacturing
Analyst Research, High Tech and Electronics
An informative research report shares insights into best practices for electronics manufacturers. See techniques to reduce defects, improve overall quality.
ERP in Manufacturing 2012: The Evolving ERP Strategy
Analyst Research
An industry study details how companies achieve quantifiable improvements with advanced ERP systems. Read about inventory cost reductions, delivery improvements and improved quality.
Nucleus Research: Cloud Delivers 1.7 Times More ROI
Analyst Research
Companies invest in cloud applications because of low upfront cost and faster deployment. In addition to these benefits, Nucleus found that cloud applications deliver 1.7 times more ROI than on-premise ones as four out of five cloud deployments deliver increasing benefits over time.
Your Marriage with Cloud ERP: A Lifelong Commitment
Analyst Research
In ERP, just like in a marriage, all parties need to work together. An informative analyst paper takes an in-depth look at how ERP systems can support the enterprise over the long-term. Read about successful strategies for a life-long relationship with your ERP system.
Newman Technology Improves Supply Chain Management
Customer Success Story, Automotive
Paper-based parts tracking is out – automated supply chain management is in. Learn how this supplier achieved 98 percent inventory accuracy.
Inteva Products’ Supply Chain Efficiencies
Customer Success Story, Automotive
Supply chain management is easier in the cloud. Learn how this company clearly sees and acts upon what’s happening in their supply chain.
EaglePicher: Plex Serves as “Contract Management System” for Manufacturer of ETO Satellite and Telescope Batteries
Customer Success Story
It pays to manage operations in the Plex Manufacturing Cloud. Read how this supplier achieved reduction in inventory valuation of $350,000 within the first 18 months of implementation.
Avon Gear Manages 20 Percent Growth
Customer Success Story, Industrial Manufacturing
Saving time and resources – it’s a winning strategy. Read how this manufacturer managed 20 percent annual growth and improved processes.
Marwood Improves Inventory Turns by 50 Percent
Customer Success Story, Precision Metalforming
Read how this company improved shop floor communication. They beat the Precision Metalforming Association index in every single category.