Tying the Shop Floor to the ERP System
Cloud Technology:cloud-technology, White Paper
Harness the power of the plant floor. See what happens when ERP is at the heart of manufacturing, tightly linking the shop floor to the top floor.
Why Supply Chain Integration and Visibility Is the Future for Manufacturers
White Paper, Aerospace and Defense
Find out how cloud ERP delivers effective sourcing and a scalable supply chain for manufacturers.
VisionPlex Empowers Plex Users to Customize System Design and Functions
Cloud Technology:cloud-technology, White Paper
Customize your ERP with VisionPlex. See how to dynamically configure screens, design new screens, and link screens together.
What’s Happening on Your Shop Floor?
Manufacturing Execution System:manufacturing-execution-system, White Paper
Get a true picture of your shop floor. See the importance of accurately tracking production, orders, quality checks and more.
Why the Cloud Is More Than Hot Air for the Manufacturing Enterprise
Cloud Technology:cloud-technology, White Paper
Is the cloud right for manufacturing? This informative paper addresses concerns of moving from legacy, on-premise ERP to the cloud.
Ten Strategies for Making Compliance a Competitive Advantage in Manufacturing
Manufacturing Execution System:manufacturing-execution-system, White Paper
This white paper will show how cloud-based quality management systems can ensure compliance becomes a competitive advantage, not just a constraint.
EBITDA Optimization for High Tech Manufacturing
White Paper, High Tech and Electronics
This white paper outlines how high tech manufacturers can use EBITDA as a measure for core profitability. It also gives manufacturers the ability to compare their own EBITDA performance within their industry.
Debunking Common Myths and Misconceptions
Cloud Technology:cloud-technology, White Paper
This white paper outlines and refutes the six most common myths and misconceptions that exist about cloud ERP software solutions for manufacturing.
How Analytics, Dashboards And Manufacturing Intelligence Are Transforming Aerospace and Defense
Cloud Technology:cloud-technology, White Paper, Aerospace and Defense
This white paper is more strategic in scope, showing how analytics is a unifying layer of technologies across all functions in an A
IT Infrastructure Tips for Ensuring High-Performance Cloud Connectivity
Cloud Technology:cloud-technology, White Paper
Attitudes about cloud manufacturing software have changed dramatically in the past few years. Read our white paper to understand how mission-critical data is secured, backed-up, and made always available in Plex, how to plan for infrastructure when making the move to the cloud, and how to ensure connectivity for each section of your business.
Five Strategies For Streamlining Program-Based Manufacturing in Aerospace and Defense
Manufacturing Execution System:manufacturing-execution-system, White Paper, Aerospace and Defense
This white paper shows how to streamline program-based manufacturing using cloud-based applications and the financial gains of choosing this strategy.
Can "Easy" Really Be Built in to ERP Software?
White Paper, Automotive
This white paper demonstrates how the right ERP system contains ease-of-use and value for manufacturers. In this paper, you will discover how the Plex Manufacturing Cloud improves usability through consistent design and security features, reduced burden of manual data entry, and simplified communications with other systems, partners, and devices.
7 Must Have ERP Features for Plastics Manufacturers
White Paper
As a plastics manufacturing company, you compete in a highly competitive marketplace, with short product lifecycles and thin margins. Your ERP system needs to be flexible and agile enough to handle an industry that is driven by volatile commodity-based raw materials with end customers demanding quality products, fast delivery, and competitive prices. Find out in this white paper what ERP features are crucial for a plastics manufacturing company.
3 Reasons Why Manufacturers Choose Plex
White Paper
Find out the competitive advantages of running your business with the Plex Manufacturing Cloud.
A Balanced Product Lifecycle Management System is Essential to Profitable Growth
Cloud Technology:cloud-technology, White Paper
There’s power in tight integration between ERP and PLM. This paper shows how to improve productivity, accuracy and decision making.
Eight “Must Have” Features for Aerospace
Manufacturing Execution System:manufacturing-execution-system, White Paper, Aerospace and Defense
This paper is a can’t-miss for the aero-def enterprise. ERP systems must support compliance and supply chain management. They must help with program management, costing and more.
Ten Critical Questions to Ask a Manufacturing ERP Vendor
Cloud Technology:cloud-technology, White Paper
See the key questions a manufacturer should ask about ERP ease of modification, infrastructure and total cost of ownership.
Eight “Must Have” ERP Features for Food Processors
Manufacturing Execution System:manufacturing-execution-system, Cloud Technology:cloud-technology, White Paper, Food and Beverage
The Plex Manufacturing Cloud serves up one-up/one-back traceability, document management, and recipe management. Processors can’t miss this informative white paper.
The Four Elements of an Effective Food Safety Management System
Manufacturing Execution System:manufacturing-execution-system, White Paper, Food and Beverage
Food safety depends on HACCP compliance, instant traceability and recall management. Here’s your chance to learn more.
Eight “Must Have” Features for Automotive Suppliers
Manufacturing Execution System:manufacturing-execution-system, Cloud Technology:cloud-technology, White Paper, Automotive
Purpose-built ERP for automotive suppliers delivers winning results. EDI, quality and traceability let you compete on cost, quality and speed. Learn more.