Plex WorkCenter Lookup Add-In: Plex Production Data at Your Fingertips
Data Sheet
Plex WorkCenter Lookup Add-In pulls WorkCenter-related production, scrap, and activity data from your Plex Manufacturing Cloud instance into Microsoft Excel so you can manipulate and analyze data in a familiar environment—without writing a single line of code.
LNS Research: 6 Key Takeaways from the 2015-2016 Metrics that Matter Research Study
With the advancements of the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and Cloud over the past two years, LNS Research and MESA International took a look at the attitudes, adoptions, and maturity of these technologies have evolved, and what it has meant for how business leaders view business improvements. Here are the key takeaways from this year's study.
Plex for Automotive Operational Excellence
Video, Automotive
Plex is more than an ERP solution; it spans your entire manufacturing business with a complete shop floor MES solution seamlessly integrated, with top-floor business management tools for unprecedented operational excellence that supports automotive manufacturing suppliers. (2:37)
7 ERP Selection and Implementation Tips to Live By
eBook, High Tech and Electronics, Aerospace and Defense, Automotive, Industrial Manufacturing, Precision Metalforming, Food and Beverage
Discover 7 ERP selection and implementation tips from successful industry leaders.
4 Pillars of Plant and Operations Managers' Success
You manage your plant operations to satisfy on-time delivery expectations that result in customer satisfaction. But does constant fire-fighting keep you from achieving the streamlined plant you want? Discover the four key characteristics of plant and operations managers that keep their plants running smoothly, productively and safely.
Manufacturing in Turbulent Times
White Paper
Until global market swings become both less violent and less frequent, manufacturers should take steps to increase agility and decrease complexity by adjusting their ERP strategy. This paper describes the challenges manufacturers face with their legacy ERP systems and actions they can take now to better position themselves to capitalize on opportunities regardless of how long current market instabilities last.
IntelliPlex Financial Analytics Application
Manufacturing Intelligence:manufacturing-intelligence, Big Data:big-data, Data Sheet
Relying on IT resources to build and maintain reports or dashboards can result in delays and constant iterations for a manufacturing enterprise. You need a cloud analytics platform that takes away the complexity of reporting and helps with responsive decision-making—from any device, anywhere.
Building the Smart Connected Manufacturing Enterprise
Learn how you can build a smart connected manufacturing enterprise with the cloud-based manufacturing operations management solutions from Plex.
End-to-End ERP in Manufacturing: Surviving or Thriving?
ERP: At its best, it gives us visibility, makes us more profitable, automates our work lives. But too often, ineffective ERP systems don't live up to their promise. Increasing complexity, they cripple effective decision-making and bring organizations to their knees. In today's manufacturing world, with regionally-dispersed plants and workers, the need for effective ERP systems is critical.
ERP Selection and Implementation Tips from People Who Have Been There, Done That
White Paper
This white paper gives some tips and tricks for selecting and implementing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Get tips for selecting the right system for your industry, techniques for managing change, pointers for best practice adoption and embracing modern technology, and more.
Plex Master Scheduling
Data Sheet, High Tech and Electronics, Aerospace and Defense, Automotive, Industrial Manufacturing, Precision Metalforming, Food and Beverage
Find out how Plex can help you make informed decisions about what to produce, how much to produce, when to produce, and set realistic expectations with customers.
Plex Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)
Data Sheet, High Tech and Electronics, Aerospace and Defense, Industrial Manufacturing, Automotive, Precision Metalforming, Food and Beverage
Find out how you can translate your business strategy into operational directives for desired customer service levels, estimated market potential and forecasted future demand.
Ask a Customer: What are Some of the Results of Your WCI Program?
How the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) will Enable 5 Critical Next-Gen Manufacturing Applications
Learn how the IIoT platform will transform the traditional system architecture in manufacturing by providing connectivity and cloud manufacturing.
Aaron Thomas Thinks Outside The Box, Turns to Cloud ERP from Plex
Customer Success Story, Food and Beverage
Learn more about Aaron Thomas’ early returns on their cloud ERP implementation.
IntelliPlex Analytic Applications
Unlock the power of big data across your enterprise with for better decision-making. Discover features of IntelliPlex Analytic Applications such as data-drive actions, visual insights, personalized portals, customizable KPIs, and more.
Success is the Connected Manufacturing Cloud
Find out the benefits of a connected manufacturing cloud, which provides a single version of the truth that stretches from the plant floor, to the front office, and across the supply chain. Also, discover why three customers find Plex central to their ability to compete.
Plex Data Center
Data Sheet
Learn about the many benefits Plex offers by owning, managing, and maintaining its own data center operations.
Plex for Aerospace Operational Excellence
Video, Aerospace and Defense
Plex was designed for unprecedented operational excellence to help you meet the increasingly demanding business of aerospace and defense suppliers. (2:50)
Cloud Changes the Game, SaaS Transforms It
Learn how cloud ERP was successfully implemented at AAM, and how SaaS helps manufacturers with increased productivity. Click here to find out more.