Wolverine Advanced Materials Manages Customer Consignment Inventory
Manufacturing Execution System:manufacturing-execution-system, Customer Success Story, Automotive
Serving global customers and achieving 100 percent inventory accuracy – it’s a home run. Read how the Plex Manufacturing Cloud helped load the bases.
Tying the Shop Floor to the ERP System
Cloud Technology:cloud-technology, White Paper
Harness the power of the plant floor. See what happens when ERP is at the heart of manufacturing, tightly linking the shop floor to the top floor.
Ten Warning Signs That Your ERP System is Killing Your Business
Cloud Technology:cloud-technology, White Paper
Is your ERP system killing your business? Paper highlights common pitfalls stemming from lengthy implementations and costly upgrades.
Ten Ways to Catch ERP Software Companies Faking It with Cloudwashing
Cloud Technology:cloud-technology, White Paper
Read this white paper to determine how to avoid vendors who are cloudwashing, find out industry standards for true cloud applications, and discover the benefits of true cloud computing.
The Power of Inventory Control: How Integrated, Serialized Inventory Tracking Delivers a Competitive Advantage
Cloud Technology:cloud-technology, White Paper
Cut inventory costs and improve accuracy. A timely white paper shares tips for improved inventory control.
Supplier Portals: Insight into an Efficient Supply Chain
Cloud Technology:cloud-technology, White Paper
Can you effectively manage your supply chain? Read about real-time and seamless communication throughout the supply chain.
Improved Data Visibility Drives Manufacturing Performance
Cloud Technology:cloud-technology, White Paper
See real-life examples of how companies are using real-time data integration to make strategic decisions and improve business performance.
Ten Strategies for Making Compliance a Competitive Advantage in Manufacturing
Manufacturing Execution System:manufacturing-execution-system, White Paper
This white paper will show how cloud-based quality management systems can ensure compliance becomes a competitive advantage, not just a constraint.
Can "Easy" Really Be Built in to ERP Software?
White Paper, Automotive
This white paper demonstrates how the right ERP system contains ease-of-use and value for manufacturers. In this paper, you will discover how the Plex Manufacturing Cloud improves usability through consistent design and security features, reduced burden of manual data entry, and simplified communications with other systems, partners, and devices.
VisionPlex Empowers Plex Users to Customize System Design and Functions
Cloud Technology:cloud-technology, White Paper
Customize your ERP with VisionPlex. See how to dynamically configure screens, design new screens, and link screens together.
A SaaS Primer
Cloud Technology:cloud-technology, White Paper
Manufacturers do better in the cloud. See how the SaaS or cloud model works for you. Avoid costly hardware, licenses and complex version upgrades.
The Effective Supply Chain
Manufacturing Execution System:manufacturing-execution-system, White Paper
The next wave of supply chain ERP helps the enterprise win. This paper shows how to cut costs, improve quality and realize supply chain efficiencies.
Top Ten Ways Cloud Computing Is Revolutionizing Aerospace and Defense
Cloud Technology:cloud-technology, White Paper, Aerospace and Defense
Find out how the cloud helps aerospace and defense manufacturers reduce costs by de-siloing quality and compliance management and streamlining product development.
Minimizing the Cost and Impact of a Recall
White Paper, Automotive
Find out how automotive suppliers can minimize the risk of being involved in a recall, or in the event of a recall, be proactive in responding to it.
What’s Happening on Your Shop Floor?
Manufacturing Execution System:manufacturing-execution-system, White Paper
Get a true picture of your shop floor. See the importance of accurately tracking production, orders, quality checks and more.
Why the Cloud Is More Than Hot Air for the Manufacturing Enterprise
Cloud Technology:cloud-technology, White Paper
Is the cloud right for manufacturing? This informative paper addresses concerns of moving from legacy, on-premise ERP to the cloud.
Six Game Changers About SaaS
Cloud Technology:cloud-technology, ERP Implementation:erp-implementation, White Paper
The cloud is a game changer. Why? Benefits range from true ERP integration, to ease of use and the importance of up-to-date functionality. Learn more.
Inventory and Lead Times — Understanding Decoupling Points
Manufacturing Execution System:manufacturing-execution-system, White Paper
Manufacturing expert Dave Turbide is your guide to understanding effective inventory management. He outlines the “decoupling” approach to satisfy inventory needs based on lead times.
Overall Equipment Effectiveness
Manufacturing Execution System:manufacturing-execution-system, White Paper, Automotive
What is OEE and why is it important? It’s a metric that helps reduce loss of production time and increases production. Learn more here.
Five Strategies For Streamlining Program-Based Manufacturing in Aerospace and Defense
Manufacturing Execution System:manufacturing-execution-system, White Paper, Aerospace and Defense
This white paper shows how to streamline program-based manufacturing using cloud-based applications and the financial gains of choosing this strategy.