Enterprise Management: Centralized Control for Your Distributed Enterprise
Video, Product Demo
Efficiently manage your financial and supply chain processes with scalability, visibility and control. Drive efficiencies with regional compliance, centralized functions and consolidated reporting in your multi-site manufacturing enterprise.
Accounting and Financial Management: Prepare Your Business for Success
Video, Product Demo
See how Plex Accounting and Financial Management provides you with unmatched visibility and controls.
Production Management: Plan It, Track It, Manage It with Plex
Video, Product Demo
Manage complexity with efficient scheduling and a unique Control Panel that gives you real-time visibility all the way to your shop floor equipment.
Demo for Food & Beverage
Product Demo, Food and Beverage
This demo shows processors how to track recipes and ingredients, speed receiving, and streamline production and shipping.  
Demo for Industrial Manufacturing
Product Demo, Industrial Manufacturing
Get a look at the Plex Manufacturing Cloud. See how intuitive dashboards display production records. Improve quality with easy to use features and traceability.  
Supply Chain Management: Collaborate With Your Suppliers
Video, Product Demo
Collaborate with your suppliers for proactive supply chain execution. Procure the right inventory at the right price and time — with trusted quality and traceability.
Quality Management: Increased Visibility and Certified Quality
Video, Product Demo
Comprehensive capabilities that are integral to the Plex Manufacturing Cloud give you increased visibility and certified quality from your supply chain.
Demo for Automotive Industries
Product Demo, Automotive
Automotive suppliers reduce costs, improve quality and work smarter in the Plex Manufacturing Cloud. This demo showcases how to meet specific requirements of automotive manufacturers.  
Demo for Aerospace & Defense
Product Demo, Aerospace and Defense
A timely demo shows how aerospace manufacturers do better in the Plex Manufacturing Cloud. Meet AS9100 Rev. C. mandates and improve processes across the enterprise.  
Demo for Precision Metalforming
Product Demo, Precision Metalforming
See how the Plex Manufacturing Cloud provides top floor performance indicators to supporting shop floor details, down to OEE reporting. View flexible scheduling production features, PRP, Pull and Kanban scheduling.  
Inventory Management: Real-Time Inventory Management
Video, Product Demo
High-resolution genealogy and traceability provides an accurate view of your inventory — in real time and at any point in its history.
Demo for High Tech & Electronics
Product Demo, High Tech and Electronics
See first-hand the features and functions for high tech/electronics companies. Gain full traceability, improve supply chain agility and meet mandates. See first-hand the power of the Plex Manufacturing Cloud.