Plex Systems ERP Software

Customer Care

Every company talks about it, yet very few deliver it: customer care.

Let’s face it. It’s impossible to actually provide customer care unless you have the genuine emotion of caring. We have a very special culture at Plex Systems – a culture of caring that informs everything we do, especially for our customers.

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Education Services

We’re a technology company. We’re also in the technology training business.

Why? Because we believe that knowledgeable customers are happy customers. And more than anything else, we’re in the happy customer business.

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Technology Services

Get the technology you need without all the trouble.

Our technology services team maps out everything you need for a successful implementation. Then they make it all work so you can focus on more important things, like your business.

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Professional Services

We have a new model of ERP implementation.

We have a mission. We want all of our customers to use the words "deliriously happy" to describe the implementation project. On-premise ERP deployment has historically been a disruptive, demoralizing and disappointing event. Not in the Plex Manufacturing Cloud!

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