Plex Systems ERP Software

Customer Care

Every company talks about it, yet very few deliver it: customer care.

Let’s face it. It’s impossible to actually provide customer care unless you have the genuine emotion of caring. We have a very special culture at Plex Systems – a culture of caring that informs everything we do, especially for our customers.

Words We Live By

We’re not talking about slogans or mottos. We’re talking about words that embody what we want our employees to convey and our customers to experience. Here are two of them.

Urgency: A customer’s request for help is the most important thing in the world to you and to us. We respond with a sense of urgency, immediacy, even when we can’t always give the answer the customer wants. The important thing is that we respond quickly, that we communicate clearly. We cultivate a culture of now because the only thing worse than a customer’s problem is a problem that is ignored.

Empathy: It is not enough to be responsive. We believe that the caring part of customer care begins with empathy – with seeing the issue from the customer’s point of view. A customer problem is an opportunity to delight that customer with an experience based on our empathy for your situation.

Our entire customer care team is empowered to ask and act on these four questions:

  • How does the customer feel about this?
  • What can I do to help (regardless of the rules)?
  • What would I expect to be done if I were the customer?
  • What would it take to make the customer happy? Can I do it? If not, is there someone else at Plex Systems who can?
Real Live People On Call for Customer Care

An answering machine doesn’t have a sense of urgency or empathy. That’s why we have a rotating team of customer care representatives on call 24/5. Our goal is to be responsive no matter where our customers are, regardless of the time zone they’re in. Our greater purpose is to transform every customer call into an extraordinary experience of empathy and care.

“Before, 90 percent of our training time was spent on computer training. But Plex Cloud ERP is easy for employees to pick up. Now each employee can run every type of equipment.” – Jim Piper, President, Ralco Industries

“Anyone can now find and display data about their job or print out a report and make decisions that will help the company operate better or faster. This makes everyone feel more a part of the company. The fact that management clearly trusts the shop floor workers with business data has improved morale – an unexpected bonus of bringing the Plex Manufacturing Cloud to Hiawatha Rubber.” – Howard Hauser, VP of Operations, Hiawatha Rubber

“Because the system is so intuitive, on-the-floor training was quick and highly effective. The implementation didn’t disrupt our business, and employees in all departments are now able to access and use information to perform their jobs effectively.” – Jeff Aznavorian, VP/General Manager, CCI