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At a Glance

Expert training from experienced manufacturing professionals

Choice of training formats, live and on-line interactive, plus on-demand

Active and engaged Plex User Community

PowerPlex conference sessions and networking

Rapid Time to Success

Plex Education Services offers a wide range of training opportunities to fit your business needs and employee preferences. From traditional live training classes and on-site customized sessions to on-demand virtual classes and short video lessons we call Twixies, Plex Education Services is dedicated to ramping up your users with the knowledge and information they need to generate real business value and results from the Plex Manufacturing Cloud.

Commitment to Increasing Value

System training and education should not be considered a one-time implementation task. As employees master the tasks included in their basic job functions, they should be encouraged to learn about and take advantage of advanced functions and processes that will generate even more return from your Plex Manufacturing Cloud. The Plex Manufacturing Cloud is continuously innovating with new functions and capabilities being delivered every day. As your business grows, your people take on new responsibilities and new employees join the company and you can count on Plex to provide an ever-increasing catalog of courses to suit your needs.

“I was surprised at how quickly my question was answered in the Plex Community. It saved me a lot of time.”

Focus on You

Whether it’s Bootcamp training when you first implement the Plex Manufacturing Cloud or continuing education to extend your use of the system and multiply the benefits, Plex Education Services offers an array of training opportunities designed to meet your specific needs.  View Course Catalog


Traditional instructor-led live classes, on-line and in-person

Customized on-site live classes

Bootcamps - intense, interactive and immersive classroom learning

60 Plex TV Twixies to address pressing hot topics quickly

Additional Opportunities

When planning for your employees’ education and training, the Plex Community provides additional support to make users more effective in their jobs. Users from around the globe discuss their concerns,   share solutions and learn about best practices from their peers. The annual PowerPlex user conference is also a great networking opportunity in addition to the schedule of training and information sessions offered during the conference.

Plex Education Services Course Catalog

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