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We have a new model of ERP implementation.

We have a mission. We want all of our customers to use the words “deliriously happy” to describe the implementation project. On-premise ERP deployment has historically been a disruptive, demoralizing and disappointing event. We’re out to crush the old model of implementations that goes on forever, goes over budget and never delivers on its promise. Here’s how we’re bringing the happy to ERP implementation.

  • Experience: We’ve done thousands of successful ERP deployments. We have a plan. We work it.
  • Expectations: We define customer expectations and we deliver on our promises.
  • Strategy: We use a defined deployment process that can accommodate personalization.
  • Commitment: We want implementation to be an incredibly positive and productive experience.
Implementation: The First Step in a Lifelong Partnership

Experience, expectations, strategy: these are important. But the driving force behind every successful implementation is the people who make it happen. Our professional services team has hundreds of years of collective implementations under their belts. We’ve been there and done that so your deployment, complex as it may be, stays on track. That brings us back to our mission. We want our customers to have an exceptional experience that amazes and delights. We want the implementation of our technology to be the first step in a lifelong partnership where our success depends entirely on the satisfaction of our customers. And that’s how we’re bringing the happy to ERP implementation.

Customer Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some of our customers have to say about their implementation of the Plex Manufacturing Cloud.

“Because Plex ERP is cloud-based, we knew we’d be able to get through a launch quickly without a lot of up-front investment. We also knew we would not have to waste time setting up a new infrastructure, which would have been a given if we had gone with QAD.” - Mike Gerber, IT Director, Fluid Routing Solutions Inc.

“What we got with the Plex Manufacturing Cloud far exceeded my expectations. What we’re able to look at and see, how we’re able to tie sales forecasts into production schedules… it’s great. We figured about a four-year payback. We have clearly exceeded that.” - Jay Pittas, CEO, Remy Inc.

“Even though the schedule was tough, with the Plex Manufacturing Cloud, we were able to ship about 35 percent of our scheduled orders on the first day and continued to improve our performance to schedule every day. Our new owners had experienced many ERP implementations with results ranging from disastrous one-week shutdowns to successful “non-events” with virtually no disruption to operations. We were pleased to have an ERP launch with minimal production issues.” – Linda Kelleher, CFO, Cast Aluminum Solutions

IT Services White Paper

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